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If you want, we can collect data

data analysıs

If you want, we can analyze your data to explain what it means.


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If you want, we can only consult you so that you can analyze your data yourself.

Horizontal Data Analysis
OLS regression
Logit, Probit model predictions
Multinomial Logit model prediction
Ordered Logit and Generalized Ordered Logit model predictions
Covariance analysis (Ancova model prediction)
Manova model prediction
Integer models (Poisson and Negative Binomial regressions, Threshold regression, Finite mixed model estimates)
Quantile regression estimates

Time Series Analysis
Exponential smoothing methods
Unit root tests
Structural fracture unit root tests (Single, double and multi-break tests)
ARIMA model predictions
VAR model prediction
Cointegration analysis (Engle-Granger, Johansen, ARDL and refractive cointegration analysis)
Short and long term causality analysis
Asymmetric causality analysis
Seasonal unit root and seasonal error correction model prediction


Panel Data Analysis
Fixed (FE), random (RE) effects and pooled OLS estimators
Estimator selection criteria and diagnostic tests
Dynamic panel data analysis
Panel unit root tests (tests for panels with and without horizontal cross-section dependence, first and second generation tests)
Fracture panel unit root tests
Panel cointegration analysis (FMOLS, DOLS and Panel ARDL methods)