Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request my study be done?

Fill in the application form with as much detail as possible (whether your questionnaire / data is ready, how many questions / scales / variables are in the study, how many people you plan to apply the study, the deadline, in what language you want, etc.). If your questionnaire is ready, we kindly ask you to send it. We will contact you on the same day.

Can you provide the result that I want? How can I trust you? Which analysis' do you do?

All studies require different analysis techniques. For this reason, we perform the necessary tests according to the nature of the scale or questions in the questionnaire form and present them as a report. In our reports, we use a clear and detailed language that you can easily understand and describe, even if you do not know any statistics or econometrics.

How soon do you deliver the analysis I requested?

Under normal conditions, we deliver the analyzes within 3-5 days. However, this period may vary depending on the workload.

When will I pay for your services?

We do not want you to make prepayment. Just send a confirmation email. We will start your study. After we finish the analysis, we will send you the "Summary", which includes 1-2 paragraphs about analysis method and key findings and the Invoice. After you see the summary, you can make payment! Your study will be sent you by email.

How many times can I request revision?

Absolutely Unlimited! You can request revisions as much as you need.

Is there a time limit for revisions?

Absolutely not! You can request revisions whenever you want, even after 3 months of the delivery! Your request will be done for free!

What if the dataset changes?

You can request unlimited revisions provided that the dataset remains the same. However, if the data set changes, we will have to charge the same fee again, as all analysis will be done from the beginning.

One of my friend needs an analysis too. Can you provide us a discount?

Yes! If you and your friend demand our service at the same time, you and your friend both will have 10% discount! Isn't it great?!